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Hieronder staat een lijst met achtergrond informatie en aanbevolen literatuur:

Hartkamp, Peter (2016) Het gedwongen onderwijs voorbij een pleidooi voor het realiseren van de rechten van het kind binnen het onderwijs The Quantum Company
Blog: Hebjijietsgeleerdvandaag? Een Blog over Sudbury-onderwijs en een perspectief op ontwikkeling van kinderen, “informeel leren”, “invisible learning”, een andere kijk op onderwijs, scholing en traditie. Door Christel Hartkamp Moravec, J. (Ed.) (2013), authors: John Moravec, Cristóbal Cobo, Thieu Besselink, Christel Hartkamp-Bakker, Edwin de Bree, Ronald van den Hoff, Christine Renaud, Pieter Spinder, Bianca Stokman en Gary Hart. Knowmad Society Education Futures LLC. Ook als PDF: Knowmad Society (PDF)
Hartkamp-Bakker, Christel (2009) De Kampanje. Sudbury Valley School in Nederland. Maklu, Garant, Cyclus. Greenberg, Daniel; Sadofski, M. & Lempka, Jason (1995) The Pursuit of Happiness: The Lives of Sudbury Valley Alumni. Sudbury Valley School Press.
Sudbury_omslag_2103 Greenberg, Daniel en anderen (2003) De Vrijheid van de Sudbury Valley school: vijfendertig jaar ervaringen en inzichten. Nu ook vrij verkrijgbaar als PDF: Boek de Vrijheid (2014)_web.  Greenberg, Daniel (1995) Free at Last: The Sudbury Valley School. Sudbury Valley School Press.
Peter Gray (2013) Free to Learn: Why Unleashing the Instinct to Play Will Make Our Children Happier, More Self-Reliant, and Better Students for Life. Basic BooksBekijk ook Peter Gray’s Blog: Freedom to learn op Psychology Today.  Greenberg, Daniel & Sadofski, M. (1995) Legacy of Trust: Life After the Sudbury Valley School Experience. Sudbury Valley School Press.
Greenberg, Daniel (2008) Ackoff, Russell L. and Turning Learning Right Side Up: Putting Education Back on Track. Prentice Hall Greenberg, Daniel (1999) The Crisis in American Education: An Analysis and A Proposal. Sudbury Valley School Press.
Yaacov Hecht (2011) Democratic Education: A Beginning of a Story describes a fascinating personal journey and recounts the history of the foundation of the Democratic School of Hadera, which has successfully implemented a fascinating and important pedagogical experiment: How to convert the authoritative school into a democratic community, where the students have equal rights. Anyone with interest in education should read this fabulour book, about a unique school which has justly gained a worldwide reputation. Bravura Books   Greenberg, Daniel (2000) A Clearer View: New Insights into the Sudbury School Model. Sudbury Valley School Press.
Gatto, John Taylor (2002) A Different Kind of Teacher: Solving the Crisis of American Schooling. 2nd edition. Berkeley Hills Books, 230 pages  PLANNING KIT FOR SUDBURY SCHOOLS Een collectie van materiaal met het doel om mensen te helpen bij het opzetten van een Sudbury school om het model te doorgronden. Het bevat boeken, publicaties, audio boeken, DVD’s en een aanmelding tot de Sudbury Valley School Journal en vele andere dingen.

Gatto, John Taylor (2002) Dumbing Us Down: The Hidden Curriculum of Compulsory Schooling. 2nd edition. Busted Flush Press; 2nd edition

 Greenberg, Daniel (2007) And Now for Something Completely Different… An Introduction to Sudbury Valley School. Sudbury Valley School Press.

Gatto, John Taylor (2010) Weapons of Mass Instruction: A Schoolteacher’s Journey Through the Dark World of Compulsory Schooling. New Society Publishers; Paperback Edition edition.

 Greenberg, Daniel & Sadofski, Mimsy (2009) Starting a Sudbury School: A Summary of the Experiences of Fifteen Start-up Groups. Sudbury Valley School Press.
Gatto, John Taylor (2000) The Underground History of American Education. Odysseus Group; 2nd ed edition.  Sadofski, M. & Greenberg, Daniel (1994) Kingdom of Childhood: Growing Up at Sudbury Valley School. Sudbury Valley School Press.
Martin, Dayna (2011) Radical Unschooling – A Revolution Has BegunCreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform.  Sadofski, M. & Greenberg, Daniel (1999) Reflections on the Sudbury School Concept. Sudbury Valley School Press.
Thomas, Alan & Pattison, Harriet (2008) How Children Learn at Home. Continuum; 1 edition.  Special edition Sudbury Valley Journal (2011) Some Theses of 21st Century GraduatesSudbury Valley School Press.
Greenberg, Daniel (1987) Announcing a New School… A Personal Account of the Beginnings of the Sudbury Valley School. Sudbury Valley School Press.  Special edition Sudbury Valley Journal (2010) The Sudbury Valley School Handbook: the central documents defining the structure of the School. These are a short description entitled “How the School is Governed”, the School Meeting Law Book, the ongoing policies and guidelines of the School Assembly, and the Corporate By-laws. Sudbury Valley School Press.
Greenberg, Daniel (1987) Child Rearing. Sudbury Valley School Press.  A set of materials that help with the day to day work of establishing and running a Sudbury School
(Four volume set, item #720) The Cyberspace Collection: The 1996 Collection; The 1999 Collection; The 2002 Collection; The 2005 Collection
(Book, item #212) Sudbury Valley School Handbook
(Book, item #236) What It Means to be Staff at a Sudbury School
Greenberg, Daniel (1992) A New Look at Schools. Sudbury Valley School Press. Mark Vaughan (2006) Summerhill and A S Neill Open University PressSummerhill remains unique and different! Its underlying principles and its founding beliefs have informed and influenced generations of teachers in both sectors.
Greenberg, Daniel  (1992) Education in America: A View from Sudbury Valley. Sudbury Valley School Press. A.S. Neill (1960) – Summerhill School
A New View of Childhood
 St Martin’s Press; St Martin’s Griffin ed editionOriginally published in 1960, Summerhill became an instant bestseller and a classic volume of education for an entire generation.
Greenberg, Daniel (1992) The Sudbury Valley School Experience. Sudbury Valley School Press. Hussein Lucas (2011) After Summerhill: What Happened to the Pupils of Britain’s Most Radical School? Pomegranate Books
Greenberg, Daniel (1994) Worlds in Creation. Sudbury Valley School Press. A.S. Neill (1970) Summerhill – A Radical Approach to Education Penguin Books Ltd; New Impression edition